Livestreaming with Cerebrus Digital

Enjoy the best design and functions  combined together

We will provide you with a broadcast quality livestream and help you maximise its impact



Our event manager will advise on the optimum number of cameras and their positioning. We aim to be as unobtrustive as possible.  learn more

Vision mixing

During the event, the feeds from each camera will be mixed live by our vision-mixer. This will produce a livestream with broadcast quality picture and sound.  learn more

Intro, outro and effects

Prior to the event, we can work with you to create engaging intro- and outro-sequences that can be mixed into the livestream. We also produce lower-third effects to introduce speakers etc.  learn more

Attract viewers to your own website

We use a profession Content Distribution Network. This processes the production and streams it to your audience in the correct format for the range of devices they may be using. We can also provide support to embed the stream into your own website and social media channels to drive traffic.  learn more

Livestream with us

Multi-camera production offers a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience which can make your event feel more professional and polished. Additional cameras provide greater versatility for the framing and selection of shots.


Our camera operators and vision mixers work together to capture different perspectives and elements of your event or presentation.

During the livestream, you can interact with your audience in real-time, responding to comments and questions. This creates a more engaging and interactive experience for viewers.

Our professional content distribution network allows you to stream to multiple platforms and channels simultaneously to engage a wider audience and and increase your overall impact.